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Upcoming Clinic Dates

Updated 2023

Toronto: Emchi Shakya Dorje is available regularly in Toronto from Wednesday to Saturday at his clinic at 2461 Bloor St W, unit 8.

Tel 416-762-2886 or email: toronto@shakyadorje.org


  • January 7-9
  • March 18-20

All clinics will be held as before at Shambhala Ottawa
119 Ross Ave #102, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0N6

Email: ottawa@shakyadorje.org


  • Jan 21-23
  • March 25-27

All clinics will be held at Shambhala Montreal
1225 St Joseph Blvd E suite 201, Montreal, Quebec H2J 1L7

Email: montreal@shakyadorje.org

Halifax NS, Yellow Springs OH and Ann Arbor MI: These clinics are currently suspended due to the covid-19 pandemic. We hope to reopen them soon. Please refer to this space for any news.

Email: halifax@shakyadorje.org

Shakya Dorje

Tibetan medicine, properly called Sowa Rigpa, is the unique, indiginous form of natural medicine native to the Tibetan culture.

Emchi Shakya Dorje is a fully qualified Emchi, or physician of Tibetan medicine. His practice is based in Toronto, please check the Contact and Clinics page for other locations in Canada and USA.


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