Shakya Dorje’s response to COVID-19

Dear Patients,

We are all faced with new realities in this time of the pandemic.   As your physician, I am deeply concerned about your well-being in this situation.  For this reason, the clinic in Toronto will remain open for consultations.

The most important consideration in avoiding the serious consequences of this pandemic is to maintain your general health, and thus to keep your immunity strong.   This is important not only for us as individuals, but as responsible members of the society at large.  So please continue with the diets appropriate to your current condition as I have given you.  Particularly at this time but on a regular basis to support your immune system avoid sugar and excess sweet foods, avoid overeating, get regular exercise and fresh air and do not push yourselves to a point of complete exhaustion, and always get sufficient sleep.

Please continue to follow all of the advice given by our Provincial and Federal health departments concerning social distancing, self-isolation and so on.  If you worry that you might have contracted COVID 19, there is a self-check system found at or at

If you have active symptoms which seem like a cold or flu, please call the office at once, and after speaking with you personally I will send you some treatment for the acute situation.

In order to secure a healthy environment, the following changes and advice will take effect:

1 – The waiting room has been adjusted; there are now two waiting rooms with chairs set far apart.

2 – For the duration of the outbreak, you will no longer be greeted on arrival by my assistant, Chime.  Please enter and seat yourself to wait for your consultation.

3 – We have adjusted the appointment schedule to assure that there are not many patients in the waiting rooms at any given time.

4 – We are taking additional cleaning precautions: disinfecting all surfaces and light switches as well as spraying the air with an all natural disinfectant.

5 – For those of you who live far from the clinic, or for those who feel exceptionally vulnerable, you may wish to continue your herbal treatment without a consultation—if so, please contact the office at, or 416-762-2886. 

6 – If you need a consultation, due to new developments or any other complications, but cannot come to the clinic, it may be possible to do a consultation via telephone or Skype—please contact the office.

7 – The preferable mode of payment is via etransfer.   For those who do not use this type of payment system, you may mail a cheque, or provide one directly to the Emchi at the end of the visit in a sealed envelope.  An envelope will be provided for you.   For those who only pay in cash, this will still be possible, but change will not be available.  An envelope will also be provided for this.

Tibetan medicine and COVID-19

Tibetan medicine not only has treatments for acute contagious lung and sinus illnesses, it also has herbal remedies to help prevent contracting such illnesses.  These remedies have been used for centuries to prevent such illnesses, in addition to the general cold and flu remedy which many of you may be familiar with.  We have prepared some to make them available to you, please contact the office if you need.  For those who have appointments in the coming week, this will be taken into consideration during your consultation.

Please note that in using these remedies one still needs to follow all the guidelines outlined by our health department for self-protection from these illnesses, as well as maintaining your general health and keeping your immunity strong, as outlined.   

Emchi Shakya Dorje

Wishing you all the best of health, I remain at your service.  We are all in this together.

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