Contacts and Clinics

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Shakya Dorje's home clinic is in Toronto, Canada. He is available there for consultation by appointment throughout the year.

The address is:

204 Windermere Avenue,
Toronto, ON., M6S 3J7
Tel.: 416-762-2886
Fax: 416-762-2323


Shakya Dorje also visits some other cities regularly, and may be consulted in those places:

Shakya Dorje's upcoming clinic dates (updated May 2018)

  • May 19th - 21st: Halifax
  • May 26th - 28th: Yellow Spring
  • May 28th: Ann Arbor
  • June 9th - 11th: Montreal
  • June 16th - 18th: Ottawa
  • July 14th - 16th: Halifax
  • July 21st - 23rd: Yellow Spring
  • August 4th - 6th: Montreal
  • August 11th - 13th: Ottawa

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